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There’s so much out there about skin care for the face and a million products to choose from but try to find something that works for the body’s skin and that’s a whole other subject.  And skin after menopause?  Really makes me appreciate the quote

” Aging is not for sissies ”

I hope what I have found through my journey can help you too.

After I went through menopause my skin became so dry that I felt like a dried up old shoe. It’s not so much that it was scaly and flaky it just felt like I was made up of cardboard and I couldn’t moisturize enough. I tried this cream and that cream etc. but nothing really seemed to work.  I had to reapply several times a day. So, I started researching things I could take that would moisturize from the inside out.  Finally after four years I found a system that seems to be working for me and I wanted to share with others.

Before I start I do want to mention that when I went through menopause I did not have any hormonal issues but I did have my hormones checked out because everyone kept telling me me I probably could use some hormones but that were all pretty much in a normal range.  So, having your hormones checked is always something to consider if you’re having severe dry skin issues. But, since mine checked out okay and I don’t seem to have any other hormone problems I personally didn’t want to start messing around with them. It’s not to say I won’t revisit that some day but for now my system seems to be working for me.  And also, I have used the OTC progesterone cream for years.

The first supplement I started with was hyaluronic acid because I knew this was something that helped to lubricate joints and skin.  I didn’t realize it was actually doing anything until I ran out and then starting taking it again. I literally felt like a sponge plumping up.  Being the skeptic I am I thought it was my imagination because I never feel the effects of supplements.  Well, I went on vacation and I was going back east, it’s humid there so I decided I probably didn’t need to take it with me (it’s liquid so I didn’t want to pack it).  Well, as Julia Roberts said in Pretty Woman  ” Big mistake, huge”. When I got home the first thing I did was take a dose and again I felt like a sponge just swelling up.  So I decided then I can’t live without this stuff.  So the hyaluronic I definitely felt from the inside out but I was still feeling like I needed something more in the dermis and epidermis.

At the same time I starting reading about how much collagen we lose starting in our 30’s and by the time we are in our 60’s we are really depleted.  So I was trying collagen supplements too but I didn’t seem to be getting any noticeable results. But with more research I realized I needed to be taking a higher dose (at least initially to jump start things) and specifically marine collagen peptides because they are more bioavailable. I started taking 10,000mg a day of a powered marine collage along with 100mg of hyaluronic acid.  The collagen is  tasteless so I just mix it in my morning coffee or tea. Well, after about a month I could start telling a difference in the way my skin felt but by three months WOW!  It was feeling so soft but better than that was I no longer felt like a cardboard person anymore!  I could apply my body cream in the morning and I was good to go.

There is also another supplement that is good for skin and that is ceramides.  Ceramides also help to keep our skin plump and hydrated and of course as we age we stop producing that too.

So here are the brands I like to use:

Marine Collagen Peptides Andrew Lessman’s     4 month supply $70 on Amazon

Phytoceramides by Sports Research   $16 on Amazon

Now brand liquid hyaluronic acid  $20 on Amazon  ( I prefer liquid just reduce the amount of pills I take each day)

If you prefer pill form of hyaluronic acid I’ve tried Hydraplenish   $15 on Amazon

I’ve tried a lot of lotions and creams and the one I finally settled on is the Gold Bond Healing formula. It is thick and creamy and really moisturizes.



I finally revisited the hormone therapy after doing more research. I recently started with the pellets and this has made a huge difference. I’ve been able to go without the hyaluronic acid. But if this is not an option all my suggestions above really made a big difference for me.