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Seaweed contains powerful ingredients that can benefit your skin and body. A typical seaweed wrap is made by combining a good quality seaweed with water to make a paste. Sometimes other ingredients such as clay, essential oils, olive oil, and other skin care ingredients are added. A thick paste is formed and spread over the entire body. Your body is then wrapped in plastic, sheet or special blanket while the paste soaks in and nourishes the skin.

Some of the benefits derived from seaweed are:

  1. Stimulates circulation
  2. Can help with stretch marks and cellulite
  3. Makes the skin feel smooth and supple
  4. Speeds up metabolism which accelerates the lymphatic system to rid body of stored up waste products
  5. Can promote skin regeneration and collagen production
  6. Skin tone continues to improve over time

Recommended treatments to see results 2-3.