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** SALE **

The Ultimate in Relaxation 1 90 Minute Treatment Session for $75.00

Essential oil or herbal foot soak, one hour massage, 15 minute focused foot treatment (includes client’s choice of sugar or salt scrub)

Cellulite/Lymphatic Drainage Treatment 2 1/2 Hour Treatment for $125

30 minutes infrared blanket to heat up tissues, 75 minutes Fascia Blaster for cellulite areas, 45 minutes Lymphatic Drainage to flush body of waste products.

The Asian Medley 90 Minute Treatment Session for $75

A great opportunity to experience different Asian modalities; includes Japanese Facial Massage, Thai Foot Massage, and Cupping. This is a relaxing yet very therapeutic treatment.

Essential Oil Massage $109.00

2 hour massage uses specific oils applied along the spine to help boost immune system; can be beneficial during flu and cold season.g.

Blast Away Unsightly Cellulite! Fascia Blasting Intro $80.00

90 minute Fascia Blasting session includes 30 minute infrared heat up and 1 hour fascia blasting.

Super Duper Lymphatic Treatment 2 Hour Treatment $100

Full body brushing including face; sugar scrub for hands and feet, followed by massage with body butter

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Massage Pricing

Single Session Pricing
60 Minute Massage: $60
90 Minute Massage: $80
Package Pricing
6 – 1 Hour Massages for $288

Office Hours

Sunday: 10am – 7pm
Monday: 10am – 8pm
Tuesday: 10am – 8pm
Friday: 10am – 5pm

Massage Add-ons

Essential Oil Foot Soak
Add $10

Herbal Foot Soak
Add $10

Heated Hand & Foot Treatment
Add $10

Sugar or Salt Foot Scrub
Add $10