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I’ve been a massage therapist for 11 years so I’ve come to understand the importance of myofascial work when dealing with pain and cellulite.  I don’t tend to be a gadget person but when I first saw the Fascia Blaster I knew I needed that tool.  I could definitely see how it would be very effective.

I’ve studied cellulite for years and all the treatments that are marketed for the treatment of it so I knew that working the fascia was a big part of it.  The fascia gets bound up and traps fat and waste product in the tissues.  The Fascia Blaster works to break up adhesions and realign the fascia so that , increases circulation and lymphatic flow so that the body can rid itself of these waste products. The skin eventually smooth outs and can actually become more toned.  Over time the body can actually change shape.  Every body responds differently so results vary.

For pain management it is my go to tool along with cupping.  I like using it on tight calves to help release the muscles that can contribute to tired achy feet.  Shoulders that have limited range of motion due to the fascia being bound up around the shoulder girdle can be totally released using the Fascia Blaster.  Parkinson’s sufferers experience more relaxed muscles that are a result of the tremors they experience.  Anytime you can increase the blood flow and lymphatic drainage the tissues and muscles are much healthier.  My clients love it when I use it on them.