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One of the great things about massage work is there are so many different types depending on the clients needs. Manual Lymphatic Drainage is the best type of bodywork for  giving the immune system a boost and kicking it in to high gear. I work a couple of days at an aesthetics office in Scottsdale  on cosmetic surgery clients who have had plastic surgery or liposuction.  I have seen some amazing results in regards to reduced swelling and bruising.  Lymphatic massage speeds up the healing process so this is one of the best types of bodywork to have after surgery.  For even greater results, it is advised to have one or two sessions before surgery to prepare the tissues.

Our bodies contain 3 times more lymph than blood and when you receive manual lymphatic drainage it moves the lymph as much as 20 times more than regular. What does this mean to our body? Detoxification! Think of this way. It’s like taking old dirty dish water and replacing it with clean pure water. Or like changing the oil in your car. Doesn’t your body deserve an oil change once in a while?  If you are interested in trying some lymphatic work visit my website at www.marthareamy.com

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